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iphone or Android?

If given a choice, which smartphone would you buy – iPhone or android?

Many of you may sound, “Well, it depends on how rich you are!”. It is true. Let me give you my perspectives on these two smart phones from my personal experience so you can make a smarter choice.

Each of the phones has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cost and quality are the major deciding factors in buying any product. iPhone costs are skyrocketing for many of us while android phones are pretty affordable even by the middle class. My hubby got me an android for $200 for this year’s valentine’s day. I have been craving for a iPhone which costs at least $700 – else my hubby must sign a two year contract with one of the telephone carriers and pay roughly $120 per month.

However, the touch screens are better in iPhones ( by the way, I own an iPod touch which can do pretty much everything that an iPhone can, except the phone call feature; but you also have internet based google and skype calls with a broadband internet connection). What I love most in an iPhone is its simplicity – a single button is capable performing almost all the actions.

I was also amazed by the fact that I can take a screenshot in the iPhone. There is a youtube video on how to take screenshot.

As for as the apps are concerned Apple is the king. But nowadays google is also coming up with several of them – can’t complain. But I find it easier to type in and run the applications in my iPod touch, which I hate in Androids. The fact that sometimes when I want to type an SMS or edit a memo in Android, I have tapped multiple times to get the keyboard on and in the worst cases I have closed the application and restarted again – very frustrating.

Battery is something that I absolutely hate with Android. It drinks so much power that I almost recharge it everyday even if I don’t use the phone much. I am happy that I am not a chatterbox or my work doesn’t require to make/receive several phone calls, but my hubby does. It is not funny when he calls me from his office and after a few minutes when we are in the middle of important conversations to say, “Honey, my phone battery is going out of charge, will talk to you later”. What is the point in having a phone with unlimited minutes and data plan if you cannot make use of them due to the inefficient battery? Big electricity bills too.

I appreciate the built-in GPS of Android, quite useful.

iPhone gives sleek aesthetic experience and stands at higher cost while android offers open source IOS which customizable with reasonable experience and is less expensive. If you have wifi at home, may be use ipod touch at home and wherever you could get free wifi spots; Android at all other times. So, I thought the combination of Android phone and iPod touch could be cost effective without sacrificing the aesthetic experience that Apple offers.



A comparison of Android and iphone is focussing on few other aspects must also be useful to you.

Which phone do you use?